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Waterspot is the perfect product for your home, office, marine, and caravan or motorhome, instead of taking up a whole cupboard for all your cleaning products, now you only need one… Waterspot™. Easy to use by hand or with machine.

Waterspot Removes

Waterspots, Soap Scum, Mineral Deposits, Lime Scale, Oxidized Paint, Salt, Rust, Light Scratches and lots more…

Waterspot Restores

All Glass, Marble, Porcelain, Ceramic, Perspex, Tiles, Acrylic shower bay linings and lots more… (Waterspot product is now used commercially and residential to removing whites staining on shower bay, pool fence and all other outside damaged glass at a fraction of the cost of replacement)

Waterspot Polishes

Chrome, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Nobel Metals and lots more… (I have tried it on varnished surfaces and it worked brilliantly)

CMCA members will receive:

FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Australia on 500ml bottle of Waterspot and our popular Waterspot 500ml D.I.Y Kit (complete with a 7” scrub pad)

Go to our online store HERE to buy your 500ml bottle using the promo code CMCA18 (case sensitive and entered during purchase process).

Don’t forget to leave your mobile number, you will receive a text with your tracking number.

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