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How do I Change my signature in the Forum?

  1. Click on your name in the top right hand corner of the screen to view your profile.
  2. Scroll down and in the About box, click on edit.
  3. Click on the last tab signature
  4. You can edit your name here.

How can I join a chapter?

Go to the Chapter Directory HERE, or located in The Wanderer, and simply give the President or Secretary a phone call. 

Can I attend a chapter meeting if I’m not a member?

Of course you can! However we do recommend a polite phone call to the Office Bearers prior to attending.

How can I find out if there are any chapters near me?

Go to the Chapter Directory HERE, or located in The Wanderer, to find out what chapters are near you.

How many dogs are allowed on a rally site?

There is a dog policy of no more than two dogs per vehicle at a rally.

Can I be sited close to amenities at the rally?

All attempts will be made to site members who have a doctor’s certificate indicating restricted mobility close to amenities. However, all rally sites are different and placement of amenities in respect to vehicles will not be the same for every rally.

Where do I go when I get to a rally site?

Head to the entry gate as indicated by the signs around the area; you will be checked in, given a windscreen card and then sited by the siting team.

What time do the gates open for a rally?

Gates are open between 8:00am and 4:00pm. If you arrive after 4:00pm you will not be admitted onto the site.

Am I able to have a powered site for only a few nights of the rally?

Powered sites are very limited and therefore are only available to those attending for the entire duration of the rally.

How can I get insurance for my vehicle?

CMCA's tailored RV insurer is exclusively available to CMCA members. To apply for insurance, you will need a CMCA membership number. It is advised that you join CMCA and organise your insurance at least 48 hours prior to picking up your vehicle.

What is the phone number for CMCA's exclusive tailored RV insurer?

Ken Tame & Associates Pty Ltd can be reached on 1800 582 582.

How can I get roadside assistance?

Ken Tame & Associates Pty Ltd have recently added roadside assistance to their policy. Visit for more information. Alternatively you can contact them directly on 1800 582 582.

Why did I receive a letter from Ken Tame and Associates in regards to the Financial Services Guide? 

Click HERE for information on why policy holders received a letter regarding the KTA Financial Services Guide.  

Which internet browser should I use to view CMCA website?

We recommend that you use either Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser to view our website or to download files. Some of our pages do not behave well in Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Edge.

If my membership has lapsed, will it cost me extra to rejoin?

Yes, you will need to pay a $16.50 rejoin fee along with the annual subscription fee. You will receive a full year’s membership from the date of rejoining.

What is the difference between an associate member and a full member?

Associate members are those who are RV enthusiasts, but do not own a qualifying vehicle. Associate members have the same access to all member benefits as full members, but are unable to vote in club elections, nominate persons for election, move motions or hold office.

When is my membership due for renewal?

Your membership renewal date can be found on your CMCA membership card, or when you login to the CMCA website your renewal date will appear in your online profile.

How long does it take for my membership to be processed?

If you apply online and pay via credit card, your membership will be processed automatically and you will receive your membership number instantaneously. If you apply via post, please allow five working days for your application to be processed.

How much does it cost to join CMCA?

Membership is $60.50 for members living in Australia and $44 every year after. (Additional fees apply to receive a hard copy of The Wanderer)
Membership is $75.50 for members living overseas and $59 every year after (additional fees apply to receive hard copy of The Wanderer)

How can I join CMCA?

You can register yourself online via our website, or complete the application in the back of any The Wanderer magazine.
If you would like an application posted to you, please call NHQ on 02 4978 8788.

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