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 CMCA Statement (4) – Coronavirus/COVID-19             26 March 2020 

The board and management continue to keep you updated regarding the effects COVID-19 is having on our Club and the members. Again, we would like to reiterate that the health and well-being of members, volunteers and staff of CMCA is paramount and remains our first priority. Sometimes that is a balancing act – but we must act in the best interest of the Club overall. 

NHQ staff and directors have received several calls and emails regarding members who are currently on the road and what they can do.  This includes those still trying to return home and members who live on the road full time.  This is especially important now with the closure of Crown/State owned or managed land including national parks, state parks and campgrounds. Under direction of the Chief Health Officer, Victoria has closed all campsites, caravan parks and camping grounds (Government and privately owned) to all visitors except permanent residents and those staying for interim accommodation such as people with no fixed address or who have been placed in emergency housing there (e.g. as a result of the recent bushfires).

Management have been in further correspondence with Federal and State Government officials to make them aware that full-time RVers need to be considered and to seek clarification on their behalf. As soon as we receive any advice it will be provided expeditiously. However, as you can imagine, we must be patient due to the many conflicting priorities of those officials.

Regarding the closure of own CMCA RV Parks, the Club had no alternative but to take this action. Five of the parks are under lease (four from local government), and authorities are now enforcing closure of Government owned and leased properties. The protection of our members, especially volunteer custodians, was also imperative. The parks are not set up, nor do our approvals generally allow, for long-term use. 

Please keep an eye out for the relevant websites (depending on state) that provide the latest information on what is open and closed. Many of our RV Friendly Towns, at this point in time, appear to have some of their rest areas open - especially to self-contained vehicles. 

We acknowledge many of our members do not wish to stay in commercial campgrounds and caravan parks, however, in these dire times, there may be no other alternative. Advice continues to roll in about caravan parks still operating, some offering reduced rates to those staying long-term as a result of the crisis – you may be the only customers. However, be aware, they may have also reduced the services that they offer – for example some have closed all facilities and only accept self-contained vehicles. Members of the Big4 and G’day Rewards chains have been told they are still currently open for business around Australia. Big4 also noted those on the road full time, or travelling to get home, are most welcome. Check also, our CMCA Friendly Caravan Parks and give them a call as those that are still open may have space available.

As a result of increasing state border and other travel restrictions, members still on the road will be restricted on where and how they can travel – remember this is exactly what the Government wants to do to stop the spread of this virus.  Only essential travel is allowed – and that does not include movement around by choice. Please do your bit to keep yourself and all others safe from this virus. Find a place to park up if you are not heading directly home. 

We will continue to act upon further advice the Government and health authorities release, once officially announced. We must be measured in our approach to ensure the best actions are taken. 

These are unprecedented times; we must work together, and non-essential travel, as has been defined by Government, should not be undertaken.

I know some chapter/special interest group executives are already reaching out to their members to keep in contact in various ways – perhaps others might like to follow suit.  As the prime minister said to the nation previously, it is no longer okay to even have private get togethers. Do we all miss them? Yes. But life is what it is at present, and we all have to live with the inconveniences that are now so common.

We also would like to advise members that we are looking after our Club’s staff members – these dedicated staff have been with us long term and are greatly assisting the board and management in these fast-changing times. 

We ask all members to remain calm and abide by all guidelines that have been established regarding border restrictions, park closures, self- isolation, social-distancing and when and how to seek medical advice/treatment – for more information please refer to

Again, thank you to all those who continue to support both the Club and the actions needed to beat this COVID-19.

As April approaches and we celebrate our Club’s 34th birthday, we may all find something (however small) that makes us Laugh More; and may we all play our part to ensure we all Live Longer.

Kim Atkinson                    Richard Barwick

Chairman                         Chief Executive Officer

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