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CEO Weekly Message

We are excited to announce we have established a new marketing partnership with Ken Tame Insurance. The aim of this campaign is to support growth for Ken Tame and CMCA. We are excited as this is the first time we have used this type of marketing to attract more customers and members for Ken Tame and CMCA. We are targeting a market of RV enthusiasts and prospective buyers through a well-known asset sales site, Caravan & Camping Sales. 

We need to continue to grow our membership and look at new and intuitive campaigns to achieve this. During the pandemic in particular, we have seen a significant increase in members opting not to renew, and this is due to a number of reasons, with the sale of their RV or ill health being the main two. We always strive to attract additional new members each month to counteract these losses.

Members can do their bit to assist by recommending the Club to family, friends, or people you know who have purchased or are considering purchasing an RV. The more we grow, the more we can provide members with extra benefits.

Safe travelling


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