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As we kick off the New Year on Monday, I would like to wish everyone a successful and safe 2024. We will be starting off the year by unveiling a new CMCA initiative, which is our environmental support project called Greenfund. We will roll the program out by first approaching councils participating in our RV Friendly Town (RVFT) Program, seeing whether we can provide support. The Board has committed to providing $60,000 per year in support, with local government, not for profit organisations and associations available to apply for the Greenfund. Up to $10,000 of funding is available per project to successful applicants.

The purpose of Greenfund is to support our club’s strategic goals of promoting the sustainable protection of our natural environment, while also creating opportunities for member involvement.

It will provide financial support for grassroots environmental and conservation projects that appeal to CMCA members and offer opportunities for their participation. Projects that can be linked to the RV lifestyle are preferred such as tree planting or clearing exotic weeds from RV parks, low-cost camps, or rest areas. The program is intended to help protect and enhance Australia’s natural environment, flora, and fauna, by supporting projects coordinated by community groups, state and territory areas and local authorities e.g. Clean Up Australia, Landcare, Department of Conservation, Department of Lands and Sustainability, Greening Australia, and Waterways. There are many community projects that lead in minimising waste into our landfill and waterways.

We feel this project will be very well received as it has been successfully operated in New Zealand by the NZMCA for several years.

Safe travelling


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