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With 70,000 members, the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia Limited (CMCA) is the largest recreational vehicle (RV) club in the southern hemisphere. Established in 1986, CMCA has a long standing history built on the foundations of adventure, enjoyment, education and fun!

As the popularity of RV travel continues to grow and more people are taking the opportunity to explore our wonderful country, CMCA is focused on preserving the RV lifestyle by providing an array of services and support to members. 

Economic Benefits

With an estimated number of 620,000 registered RVs in Australia, RV tourism continues to have significant benefits to the economy. Recent surveys indicate that the economic benefits from CMCA activities alone are considerable. According to research, CMCA members spend an average of $770.00 per week when travelling on the road. National rallies, held annually in various locations throughout Australia, generate a significant financial benefit to local economies. It is estimated that these events alone contribute anywhere from $2 to $3 million.

Utilisation of Available Human Capital

CMCA research indicates that 50% of the Club’s members participate in voluntary work throughout Australia. These RV travellers act as a mobile workforce in regional areas and communities where seasonal demands or other factors contributing to a shortage of labour or skills, exist. Many of these RV travellers own self-contained vehicles, meaning their RVs are specifically built for the purpose, that along with a built in sink and on-board cooking and sleeping facilities, carries a supply of fresh water and can retain all grey and black waste water. In many circumstances, this eliminates the necessity for the provision of accommodation.

Environmental Benefits

CMCA has long been at the forefront of promoting environmentally responsible camping and over-nighting. Club initiatives, such as the Self Contained Vehicle Policy and Leave No Trace Code of Conduct, were established as a means of demonstrating that self-contained vehicles need not have a negative impact on the environment, even if a campsite has no facilities. CMCA strongly promotes the need to ensure all environmental impacts are kept to a minimum when travelling.

Social Benefits

CMCA encourages member participation in a wide range of Club activities. Participating in activities such as national rallies and safaris, along with joining a chapter or special interest group, gives members the opportunity to meet and socialise with people who share similar interests.

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