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This week I would like to talk about Chapters and Special Interest Groups.

These groups are very important to the fabric of CMCA and have played a role in the camaraderie and friendship of many since the Club’s inception in 1986. Our first Chapter formed was the Sydney Wanderers in February 1987, and to this day is regarded as our most successful and patronised Chapter with many members attending each monthly event. Our largest Special Interest Group (SIG) is the Solos Network which has approximately 750 members Australia wide, who try and come together as a group at least twice a year.

For any Chapter or SIG to operate, we require at least three of the four executive positions to be filled, and if this happens, you are asked to contact NHQ for direction. Recently we have had enquiries from several who have expressed concern that they were unable to fill all positions and had some go into recess until this can be done. If they go into recess for a short period, we hope between existing members or new ones, someone will take on the responsibilities involved in managing the Chapter, if not, they may cease to operate. If many members help, the workload becomes lighter.

A couple of key points that the membership may be unaware of:

1. The most important thing is that any member of CMCA is entitled to attend any Chapter or Special Interest Group activity.

2. We ask that you submit your event dates, times, and contacts well in advance to ensure they are published on the website and in The Wanderer. Please also keep your membership list up to date and supply them to NHQ. Copies of the CMCA Public Liability Certificate of Currency is available on the CMCA website, under Club Information.

3. Behaviour at all CMCA events. I can advise that the Board has recently enforced a suspension and issued a warning in relation to unacceptable behaviour at chapter meetings. This is a reminder to all members to treat each other with respect and courtesy. As previously mentioned, the Board has the ability to suspend a member from attending a Chapter or SIG event/s or meeting/s for a period of time judged as suitable. They also have the power to discipline the member through the CMCA Members Code of Conduct Policy which has more outreaching consequences, including possible expulsion from the Club. This code of conduct is available on the CMCA website under Club Information.

4. Finally, secretaries and or treasurers are reminded to send through their bank balance as at the 31 March 2024 to Wylva Hall at It is of the utmost importance that we get this figure as it is requested by the Club’s Auditor.

Joining a Chapter or Special Interest Group is a great way to socialise with fellow members and form long lasting friendships.

Safe travelling


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