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FAQs - Create an Ad

1. Select Create Market Ad

2. You will be required to select the type of package you wish to purchase. Please note that your contact details will be pre-filled. This information is pulled straight from your membership. If you would prefer to use alternative contact details, simply type new details into the fields.

Below your contact details, you will be required to start completing vehicle information. Please ensure you follow all instructions carefully. Some fields require 'numbers only' - this means no symbols or text are to be used. 

You will then need to write descriptions for your advertisement. The Short Description is the text that will be published in The Wanderer magazine. If you select the $50 package, you are still required to complete this description as it appears on the listings page on the website (when people do a search). The Long Description is the text that appears on your online advertisement and includes more characters than the short description. 

 Select Continue to move to the next step and save this component of the advertisement. 

3.  Here you can upload several photos to accompany your advertisement. Please ensure they are at least 1mb in size and no larger than 4mb. Simply click Select Files or drag and drop the file into the box.

A successful upload will appear as below. Once you have uploaded all images, please select Continue to progress to the next step and save this component of the advertisement. 

4.  Here you can preview the images that will be uploaded with your advertisement. Please note that every advertisement requires a Primary Image. You must select the Primary Image during this step. A Primary Image is the leading image you would like displayed next to your advertisement. If you have selected the $80 package, this image will be published in The Wanderer magazine. Simply select Make Primary on the image you have chosen. 

An image that has successfully been made as the Primary Image will now appear as below. 

You can also remove unwanted images during this step by selecting Remove This Photo on the appropriate image. An image that has successfully been removed will appear as below. You will see that the option to remove the image is replaced with the option to Add This Photo - this means you can add it again if you decide you would like to keep it. 

Select Continue to progress to the next step and save this component of the advertisement. 

5. Now you will preview your advertisement before payment. Please select the blue Preview This Ad button. 

Your advertisement will appear as below for review. 

Select Close Preview to return to advertisement. 

You can now make final changes to your vehicle information (if necessary).

You now have the option to Save Ad or Complete Ad. Selecting Save Ad means the ad is not completed and will sit in My Market Ads with the status Ad Setup. You can choose to go back and complete the advertisement at a later stage. Alternatively, you can select Complete Ad to be taken to the payment page. 

6. Selecting Complete Ad now requires payment for the advertisement. Simply complete the payment details and select Complete Payment. 

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