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Our rvSafe campaign heads to Bundaberg, Qld next week where we will be filming several RV road safety videos as a part the Federal Government funded program. We have contracted Geagle Productions to produce 14 videos in the following areas: a-frames, trailer brakes, breakaway brakes, tyres, sharing the road with trucks, driving tips, reversing a caravan/trailer, weighing your vehicle, weight check, payload, tow ball weight/weight distribution, connecting your trailer, electronic stability control and remaining safe during a breakdown. Along with this extensive video production, we will be enhancing our photographic library of still shots.

We will be utilising local providers, members, and using the Bundaberg RV Park. If any members are in the area and wish to drop in, I would suggest around happy hour as our rvSafe project coordinator Wylva Hall will be in attendance from Monday to Thursday from 4pm to 5pm.

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