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CEO Weekly Message

I would like to take this opportunity to recognise the outstanding job our Custodians do at our CMCA RV Parks. Without our Custodians, our network of RV parks would not be able to operate. In this volunteer role, custodians are sometimes faced with complex issues when guests become angry and frustrated. This is often around the rules of the park, which are set by NHQ. Our custodians are only there to enforce these rules, which we strongly believe are in the best interest of all guests.

Our Custodians undertake their role professionally and in a courteous manner, especially when issues arise. We understand that it can be frustrating when we are required to limit numbers or temporarily close parks at short notice – most often due to excessive weather events and to minimise damage to the park. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to enforce these limits and closures and our Custodians do a wonderful job acting on them.

We are currently looking at additional drainage works to be completed at Innisfail, Qld and Gunnedah, NSW. We hope this will ease the stress placed on the parking area because of rainfall. We are working with several local government areas at the moment to develop new RV parks. If you come across any potential sites in your travels, please contact NHQ on 02 4978 8788.

Safe travelling


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