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CEO Weekly Message

We continue to meet and discuss improved outcomes with our major partner KT Insurance. We want to ensure that we can offer the best suitable coverage to meet members’ needs. The new owners are keen to re-engage with members who for any reason have decided to go elsewhere, encouraging past customers to give them another go. The new Underwriter’s offering may suit their individual needs, and the recently implemented instalment billing is a significant benefit. 

Since the change in ownership, the level of communication between KT Insurance and its customers has improved. This is evident in their “The Big Lap” newsletter. They have also established a ‘call-back service’ for members wishing to contact their team without waiting on the line for the next available team members. 

Call back functionality is quite a simple and convenient process which allows you to go along your normal duties while you wait for a KT Insurance team member to call you back. You can select a call back by Pressing 1 when prompted; you will then confirm your phone number and placed in the queue. The next available team member will then call you back on the nominated phone number. Members are guaranteed to receive a call back and, by doing this, members can go about their day-to-day duties without being stuck on the phone. Please take advantage of this function as it will eliminate your wait time. 

We would also like to remind members that the KT Insurance sales team is now based in Maroochydore, Queensland. This means you may receive phone calls from staff seeking further information/feedback from a phone number with a Queensland area code (07). 

Safe travelling


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