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As Victoria reopens today - a big congratulations to them after enduring the longest ‘lockdown period’ in the world – members will be able to travel between certain states who are now ‘welcoming’ tourists back. Restrictions and border closures remain in place in other states and territories; however, we are hoping things will change in the near future once certain targets are met. As we look to the future, road safety again becomes paramount. Our road safety campaign, rvSafe, which has been developing over the past 18 months, also becomes more important.

We have been working with state and federal governments and industry partners to develop an education and awareness program aimed to keep RV travellers safe on our roads. We have over 750,000 registered recreational vehicles (RVs) in the country, and RVs have the second highest growth rate for a registered vehicle type in Australia with increasing demand from consumers, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. As we know, recreational vehicles vary greatly and each of the vehicle types can come with their own challenges and safety risks. Recreational vehicles include motorhomes, campervans, converted buses/coaches, slide-ons, caravans, fifth-wheelers and camper trailers. 

The rvSafe campaign aims to target areas of risk that are specific to RV travellers and educate road users to try and reduce incidents and encourage consistent and compliant behaviour on our roads. The educational and instructive material is available to all RV users across Australia. This material aims to support improved behaviours on our roads, minimise issues relating to overloaded or non-compliant vehicles and provide resource materials available to everyone. The project focuses on nine core areas that include towing, vehicle weights and weight distribution, speed, overtaking safely, UHF radio communication, rest, roadside services, consumer behaviour and licensing. To keep abreast of the latest developments in this area, please view our website Here you can learn more about the rvSafe Checklist app, informative webinars, videos and animations and so much more.

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