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2017 Board Election

The Club’s Returning Officer has received four (4) nominations for two (2) positions for the 2017 Board Election, and today conducted the draw of candidates for placement on the Ballot Paper.

The draw is as follows in order:

1. Gary Rebgetz Q2932

2. Arthur Bugden Q21298

3. Rick Banyard N94893

4. Kim Atkinson V66245

Ballot papers will be inserted with the August edition of The Wanderer. If you don’t receive a hard copy of the magazine, your papers will be mailed separately. Only Full/Ordinary or Honorary Life Members are eligible to vote in Board Elections, please ensure your membership details are correct with us. You can do this by logging into your Member Profile or calling us at NHQ on 02 4978 8788.

Next week, we will be releasing a specific platform and procedure for members to ask the candidates questions. These questions, and subsequent answers by the candidates, will be placed on the WEBSITE ONLY.

The following will apply:

  • All questions are to be emailed to
  • Members are to submit initial questions by 25 June 2017. Once questions submissions have closed, candidates will have one week to respond. Questions and answers will be displayed on our website.
  • Further questions will be welcome after the initial questions (via email), in a timely manner.
  • Questions that are deemed similar in context, will be considered and may be referenced to a previous response.
  • Questions or answers deemed to be offensive, inappropriate, or out of context, will not be accepted.
  • The only editing of questions or answers, will be spelling only. All grammar will be presented as supplied.
  • A webpage will be developed to allow a clear and transparent process.
  • These questions will not be reproduced on the CMCA Member Forum. Members may wish to debate a topic on the forum, however they should be reminded that the terms and conditions of the Forum User Agreement will apply.

Questions submitted on the CMCA Member Forum or any other platform will not be considered. All questions must be submitted to

Members are welcome to email their questions through to the allocated email address from Wednesday 14 June 2017.

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