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CMCA Connect App

Download to Apple

1. Launch the App Store

2. Tap Search – the magnifying glass on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen

3. Type CMCA Connect and tap Search

4. Look for the following logo and title CMCA Connect and select GET

5. Enter your Apple password to continue to download or use Touch ID if its set up on your device

6.Open the CMCA Connect app

7. Select Always Allow to allow CMCA to access your location
(Note: Some components of the app, especially GeoWiki, requires location access to be enabled.This will assist with routing and identifying your location and facilities nearby)

8. Select OK to allow the app to access the iPad/iPhone camera
(Note: This allows you to take photos to upload to GeoWiki)

9. Select Allow to enable notifications
(Note: This enables alerts, sounds and icon badges)

10. Enter your CMCA username and password and select LOGIN

11. Select Open data-sync page

12. Select Start

13. Once the synchronisation is complete, hit the back-arrow icon to continue (top left of screen)

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