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CMCA Connect App

Download to Apple

1. Launch the App Store

2. Tap Search – the magnifying glass on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen

3. Type CMCA Connect and tap Search

4. Look for the following logo and title CMCA Connect and select GET

5. Enter your Apple password to continue to download or use Touch ID if its set up on your device

6.Open the CMCA Connect app

7. Enter your CMCA username and password 

8.View the tutorial and let us take you around the app (please note you can skip this step by selecting Skip)

9. Select Allow to enable the app to function. This you will allow POI to display on your app correctly as you travel along. It will also allow you to submit photos to GeoWiki X and the Members' Market. It will not give CMCA access to any of your files/photos/information. 

10. Allow the app to perform a cloud data sync to ensure you have access to all the latest information. 

You app will now be downloaded and you can begin accessing all components. 

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