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Frequently Asked Questions- CMCA RV Parks

Do you need assistance with the CMCA RV Parks website? Find the answers to your questions below. 

You can now find all you need to know about our CMCA RV Park network in the one place, as we have combined the new and improved booking system, custodian resources and information on each of our parks into one platform! Our new and improved booking system caters for both members and non-members, making it easier to book your next stay! You can check out the custodian calendar for availabilities and can also find all the necessary training documents. Additionally, each park has its own unique information page, designed to let guests know the finer details about our RV parks and what to expect during a visit.

Our CMCA RV Parks cater for both CMCA members and non-members. If you are travelling in a self-contained vehicle, you’re welcome to utilise these fantastic low-cost, no-frills facilities. Please note, some parks do not permit non-members.

On the header over every webpage, on the right-hand side, there is a menu option that enables members to change between websites. Simply select the arrow and select CMCA RV Parks.
Alternatively, from the Benefits homepage, place the cursor over the More button in the header and select CMCA RV Parks from the drop-down menu.

Once you are on the new CMCA RV Parks platform and logged in using your unique CMCA username and password, a My Bookings option will appear in the top right-hand corner of the web page. Clicking on this will take you to your bookings, where you will also be able to create a new booking. Once you have clicked on this option, there is a yellow button for New RV Park Bookings. This will take you to the bookings page.
If you are a non-member (this also works for members), you will see a list of the current available RV parks on the CMCA RV Park homepage. Selecting the Book Now button will take you straight to the booking page.

To stay at one of our CMCA RV Parks, you can either book with the site custodian when you arrive, or you can make an online booking. When you make an online booking, you can load funds into your RV Park funds account before completing your booking or you can pay the exact amount when making your booking via credit card. The online booking system lets you select the CMCA RV Park of your choice, the dates of your desired stay and it will let you check the availability of sites. You can also book and pay online and over the phone by calling NHQ.

Fees can be paid by uploading funds into your CMCA RV Park fund account (like that of a toll system) or pay the exact amount via credit card when booking online or with the park custodian.

Funds will need to be loaded into your CMCA RV Park fund account online via the CMCA RV Parks platform. Go to My Bookings (see above for instructions). There is a CMCA RV Park Funds heading on this page with an option to Add Funds. Click on this button and it will take you to the payment page. On this page you can select a voucher amount for purchase ($15, $30 and $45) and then enter your credit card details for payment. Please make sure you click Process Payment to complete transaction. The funds will be loaded into your account immediately.

Due to merchant fees incurred for small credit card transactions, it is necessary to implement a minimum charge of $15 when loading funds into an account. Any unused funds will remain in your account for future use, funds will not have an expiration date.

Go to My Bookings (see above for instructions) on the CMCA RV Parks platform. On this page, under the heading CMCA RV Park Funds, there is a field that will show you what funds you have available.

Unfortunately, we do not accept cash as a form of payment. You will need to process payments online via the CMCA RV Parks platform or contact NHQ for additional methods of payment.
We would like to create a safe environment at our CMCA RV Parks and therefore do not want cash kept on premises.

Go to My Bookings (see above for instructions). At the top of this page, there is a button titled New RV Park Booking. Clicking on this will open the booking page. It is important to remember you will need to load funds into your account prior to completing a booking or have your credit card on hand. On this page you will need to select the CMCA RV Park you wish to stay at, your first and last night at the park, and number of people who will be staying. After providing this information, click Check Availability. Booking details will automatically be filled with the number of nights you would like to stay, and the total fees associated with the booking will be displayed. If you would like to proceed with the booking, click Process Booking. The page will refresh with a green box confirming that your booking is now complete.
Click HERE for step by step instructions.

Members will pay $3 per site plus $2 per adult. Non-members will pay a fee of $15 per vehicle per night. Please note, fees will vary at CMCA Flax Mill Caravan Park Boyup Brook WA.

You can spend up to fourteen nights at any one of our CMCA RV Parks in any 21 day period, except for Ingham, Qld which has a 5 night maximum stay limit and Innisfail, Qld which has a 7 night maximum stay limit. This applies to both members and non-members.

To check the availability, start the booking process (see above). You will need to select the CMCA RV Park you wish to stay at and the dates desired and number of people, to check the availability. You can do this without completing the booking process. If there are no available sites, the system will inform you and you will need to select different dates.

Go to My Bookings (see above for instructions) and you will see a section with the heading My Bookings. Here you will find a record of all past and future bookings.

You can cancel a booking however you cannot amend an existing booking. If you wish to make any changes, you will need to cancel the book and rebook.
Go to My Bookings (see above for instructions) and you will see a section with the heading My Bookings and a list of your upcoming bookings. Here you will find a record of all past and future bookings. You will have the option to cancel any future bookings. Click Cancel and it will direct you to another page to confirm your cancellation. All cancellations will be refunded into your CMCA RV Park funds account immediately. If you paid my credit card and would like these fees refunded back onto the card you used, please contact NHQ.

You simply present your membership card to the park’s custodians; they will have your booking on file. If you are a non-member, they will have your booking recorded. Simply let them know your name.

No, you do not necessarily need to book. However, we cannot guarantee that sites will be available if you arrive without one. Therefore, we encourage all members to utilise the CMCA RV Park Booking system.

If you would like more information on our CMCA RV Parks, please visit the unique information pages listed on the CMCA RV Park platform. Each park has a page dedicated to specialised information about the site.

On the CMCA RV Parks platform, there is a menu option in the top right-hand corner titled Custodian Info. This webpage will provide you with all you need to know about becoming a custodian, the necessary training documents and a custodian calendar with upcoming availabilities.

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