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FAQs - GeoWiki

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What is GeoWiki?

GeoWiki is a repository of campgrounds, caravan parks, national parks, free camping sites, dump points and other points of interest required for travelling. GeoWiki can be accessed online or digitally on selected Apple or Android devices. GeoWiki allows for live database updates, member reviews, and the ability to upload and share photos of specific locations. GeoWiki is one of the Club's fantastic Member Benefits. 

How can I access GeoWiki?

GeoWiki can be accessed via the CMCA Connect app, which is available for download on select Apple and Android devices. Once you have downloaded the app, and logged in using your unique login details, simply click on the location icon to begin accessing GeoWiki. 

Additionally, you can head right over to the GeoWiki X website to access all of its content. The website has now been upgraded to GeoWiki X and can be accessed by clicking HERE. You can also access the website via the Member Portal. In the Member Portal, on both the top and side bar, there is a GeoWiki X icon. Click on this icon to access the GeoWiki website.

How do I download the GeoWiki (CMCA Connect app) to a device?

Simply visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store, depending on your device. Here you can search CMCA Connect and follow the prompts to download the app to your device. Click below for further details on how to download to your device. 

Click HERE to download to an Apple device.
Click HERE to download to an Android Device.

What is my GeoWiki username and password?

Simply use your Member Portal login details. If you are using GeoWiki for the first time, please be aware that the GeoWiki X website and CMCA Connect app will not accept an email address as a username.  If your current username is an email address, please contact and our staff will assist in changing your username. Alternatively, if you do not have login credentials, our staff can set these up for you. If you need help setting up your log in details or if you have forgotten your password, click HERE.

How do I download GeoWiki X to my GPS?

GPS instructions and downloads can be located HERE.

How do I ensure the information on my app is up-to-date?

Information can be updated simply by performing a Cloud Synchronisation. Cloud Data Synchronisation is how the information from the admin portal is transferred to your device or tablet. It is also how the information you submit is transferred to the admin portal so that it can be moderated. To ensure your app is up-to-date, please perform a sync.

If you have not used GeoWiki for some time, you will be prompted to perform the sync as soon as you open up your app. From here, follow the prompts to perform a ‘Full Data Sync’.

To manually perform a data sync, simply click on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines), or G in the top left hand corner of the app (will vary depending on device). From here, scroll down the list and select 'Cloud Data Sync', followed by 'Start.'

Click HERE for a step by step. 

Why is GeoWiki not working?

We advise all members to uninstall/delete the old GeoWiki app. GeoWiki now lives in the CMCA Connect app as mentioned above. The old app will no longer receive updates. 

If you're experiencing another problem, call our staff on 02 4978 8788.

What are offline maps and how do I download/use them?

To learn all about offline maps and how to download/use them, click HERE.

Do you have any quick tips for using GeoWiki (within the CMCA Connect app)?

We sure do! Click HERE to view these tips.

Is GeoWiki X available as an app?

GeoWiki X will be available for download in select Apple and Android devices shortly. Stay tuned as we roll out this exciting development.

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