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"Ayers Rock & Beyond"


Have you always wanted to visit Ayers Rock, explore Kings Canyon and see what an underground house looks like, then “Ayers Rock and Beyond” Safari is for you! This safari will start at Port Augusta and travel north through the middle of Australia up to Coober Pedy where you can see a working opal field, famous dingo fence and see what it would be like to live underground.  Travelling further north we will visit Ayers Rock and Kings Canyon enjoying coach tours of these famous landmarks.  You will stay at Alice Springs and Mt Isa, visit an underground mine and School of Air, travel to Winton, explore dinosaur history and enjoy a sunset tour, with our final destination being Longreach and the Hall of Fame.


Starts 11 April 2018
Ends 6 May 2018


$4450 per couple
$3600 per single


Total Travel Distance

Tour Highlights

  • Coober Pedy, luxury coach tour to view opal field, dingo fence underground Church and more
  • Ayers  Rock, luxury coach tour  from campsite
  • Kings Canyon, luxury coach tour from campsite
  • Mt Isa underground Mine Tour, School of Air
  • Winton luxury coach tour, Australian Age of dinosaurs and Sunset, sunset nibbles
  • Longreach, Hall of Fame, Art Gallery; Outback Stockman’s Show
  • Welcome BBQ Dinner
  • 2 x lunches
  • Various Happy Hours
  • Outback BBQ dinner
  • Farewell dinner
  • Experienced tour leader and fully equipped escort vehicle with satellite phone, UHF radio, EPIRB and comprehensive rural emergency first aid kit. Accredited Senior First Aid certificate, CPR. We also have vehicle GPS tracking so vehicle is tracked at all times.
  • All accommodation fees are included. Day tours fees included (excluding optional extras)


Day 1
11 April 2018

We will meet at Port Augusta at Stirling North Caravan Park between 1pm and 4pm.  We will get together for a meet and greet BBQ meal at night (BBQ meat, salad and bread rolls provided). Dump point, t/s, water, and limited power, makes sure your grey water tanks are empty, your fuel tanks and water storage is full.

Day 2
12 April 2018

Today we start our safari and head off in the direction of Coober Pedy, stopping for morning tea and lunch after which we will arrive at our destination being a free camp half way to Coober Pedy – no power or facilities (222 km)

Day 3
13 April 2018

Today we travel to Coober Pedy, famous for Opal Mining and underground accommodation! We will stay the next three nights at Opal Inn Camp ground.  We can enjoy a get together around the fire at night (fire restrictions pending)  Limited power, water filling station, showers, toilets, fire pit, - dump point, fuel

Day 4
14 April 2018

The next day after lunch (time to be confirmed) you will be picked up by coach from the camp ground to enjoy a 4 hour Desert Cave Tour, sights will include a working opal field, the famous dingo fence, go underground to see the Serbian Underground Church and a genuine underground home plus more.  Be back in time for happy hour.

Day 5
15 April 2018

Today you can enjoy a free day of relaxing, stock up supplies, fuel, at Coober Pedy.  We will enjoy a lunch together at the bistro (light one course bistro lunch included)

Day 6
16 April 2018

Today we head off towards Ayers Rock.  We will stop for morning tea and lunch and stop in time for afternoon tea and happy hour.  Our overnight stay will be at Marla, fuel, dump  (234 km)

Day 7
17 April 2018

Today we will once again travel north getting closer to Ayers Rock.  We will overnight at  Kulgera Roadhouse, limited power, fuel (240 km)

Day 8
18 April 2018

Today we head off for the last overnight stop before Ayers Rock.  We will travel to Erldunda Roadhouse, only a short day where we will stay the night fuel, t/s, water, power (131 km),

Day 9
19 April 2018

Today we will have an early start and leave the Roadhouse and arrive at the Ayers Rock Camp Ground, stopping for morning tea and arriving for lunch.  We will enjoy happy hour together (happy hour included – cheese, dip, crackers and chips) – limited power, dump point, t/s (264 km)

Day 10
20 April 2018

Today you will be picked up by luxury coach and enjoy a guided tour of Ayers Rock – details to be confirmed.  Wear comfortable shoes there may be some walking involved.  Bring your own lunch, snacks and drinks.

Day 11
21 April 2018

Today we leave Ayers Rock and head towards Kings Canyon; we will stop for morning tea and lunch on the way and arrive at Kings Canyon Resort Campground.  After a long day driving you will enjoy a dinner together at the Outback BBQ (1 course meal, meat or fish and vegetables provided) fuel, limited power, dump site  (317 km)

Day 12
22 April 2018

Today at Kings Canyon you will be picked up by a luxury coach tour to Kings Canyon and a walk to see the breathtaking Canyon.  Wear confortable shoes and bring your own lunch, snacks and drinks.  At night in the campground you can take a walk to the viewing platform at the campground to see the Canyon at sunset

Day 13
23 April 2018

Today we will head towards Alice Springs and stay at a Eridunda Roadhouse again, our half way point, fuel, t/s water, power (270 km)

Day 14
24 April 2018

Today we head towards Alice Springs and arrive at the showground where we will stay for the next 2 nights.  At Alice Springs you can re-stock, re-fuel and relax – dump point – limited power, water (200 km)

Day 15
25 April 2018

Free day today in Alice Springs to celebrate Anzac Day.

Day 16
26 April 2018

Today we head off on our journey towards Mt Isa staying at Davenport free camp for the night. t/s, non potable water, no power, stopping for morning tea and lunch on the way– water, fuel and t/s (286 km)

Day 17
27 April 2018

Today we continue on towards Mt Isa and stay at a free camp for the night, stopping for morning tea and lunch on the way - no facilities (200 – 300 km)

Day 18
28 April 2018

We leave today heading to Mt Isa and stop at our last free camp overnight before reaching Mt Isa. stopping on the way for fuel, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, happy hour (200 – 300 km)

Day 19
29 April 2018

Today we will reach Mt Isa where we will be staying at Mount Isa Caravan Park – dump point, water, t/s, fuel (200 – 300 km), enjoy happy hour together after our long travels (happy hour provided, cheese, biscuits, chips, dip and crackers)

Day 20
30 April 2018

At Mt Isa you will enjoy a visit to the Outback at Isa where you being given a guided  Underground Mine Tour, enjoy Isa Experience, School of Air tour and more, enjoying lunch on the way (light 1 course lunch provided), returning in time for happy hour.

Day 21
1 May 2018

Today we leave Mt Isa and head towards our next destination being Winton, know as dinosaur country, staying at a Roadhouse on the way – fuel t/s (200 – 300 km)

Day 22
2 May 2018

Today we leave the Roadhouse and travel to Winton arriving at the Winton Showground where we will be camped for the next 2 nights – dump point/t/s/water/no power/fuel (200 – 300 km)

Day 23
3 May 2018

This morning you can enjoy free time before being.  You will be picked up by coach a 1:30 and enjoy a tour of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs then a sunset tour with spectacular views of Winton. You will be returned to your motorhome at 7:30 pm.  Included in the tour is  nibbles at sunset, byo drinks.

Day 24
4 May 2018

Today we head off to Longreach and to our final destination the Longreach Tourist Park where we will stay for 2 nights – dump point, water, power, t/s (200 – 300 km)

Day 25
5 May 2018

Today we will enjoy a visit to the Museum, Hall of Fame, Art Gallery and at night we will watch the Outback Stockman’s Show and have our final farewell dinner together, a spit roast and vegetable dinner (entrance, show and meal included)

Day 26
6 May 2018

Today is the last day of our safari and we farewell each other, having made new friends and enjoyed great company.  Safe travelling!

Important Notes

Total distance 3,900km’s at this stage we are intending to keep the trip all on bitumen however some of the roads may be only single lane and when passing on coming vehicles you will be required to pull off onto the unsealed surface, if the participants are happy to travel on gravel we may revise the route but only if applicable and will be decided prior to safari commencement.
Highlights of this safari will be the red centre and then central Queensland, it’s a big trip and participant’s vehicles will need to be well serviced and prepared.

  • Opportunity to shop, refuel and access to dump points max. 2 days apart if required
  • Actual safari route to be confirmed and issued to safari members 1 month prior to safari start date
  • Minimum number of vehicles – 15
  • Maximum number of vehicles – 25
  • Safari subject to change due to conditions at time of travel

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