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As you may be aware, CMCA was named in the court case between the Caravan Parks Association of Queensland and Rockhampton Regional Council that forced the closure of the Kershaw Gardens overnight parking from 15 February this year. Rockhampton Regional Council have taken a proactive step and is currently seeking feedback on a proposed major amendment to the Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme, which includes the introduction of a precinct at Kershaw Gardens to allow for the overnight stay of campers for the purpose of encouraging RV tourism in the Rockhampton region.

The specific requirements include:

•Non-commercial use that excludes ancillary facilities;

•Max of 35 self-contained recreation vehicles; and

•Max of 2 nights or 48 hours stay.

Public comments and submissions are open until Friday, 17 May 2019. Further details of the proposed major amendment and for the lodgement of submissions can be found via the following link 

We encourage you to consider supporting this proposal.

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