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In light of the continuing bush fire/drought crisis faced by many Australians, on behalf of CMCA and its members, we will be donating $10,000 towards BlazeAid for the purchase of a fully fitted combo trailer. This purchase will assist in the clean-up and help affected families and communities get back on their feet. If you wish to donate as an individual, you can do so through BlazeAid, Australian Red Cross, The Salvation Army, state rural fire services or state wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organisations.

There are so many people affected by this devastating disaster. Small businesses – many which have become the backbone of so many communities - are certainly feeling the brunt. I would like to take this opportunity to thank, on behalf of CMCA’s members, all the wonderful volunteers and individuals, small and corporate businesses, tiers of Government and agencies who have assisted in this national crisis. Such support makes you feel proud to be an Australian.

Also, I have written to the mayors of affected RV Friendly Towns, particularly Cobargo, Bega, Batlow and Tumbarumba, NSW and Corryong and Tallangatta, Vic, to offer our support and advise that we are looking to organise events in majorly affected areas (in due time once recovery has commenced), aiming to inject money back into their towns. We have identified the Victorian Gippsland Region and NSW South Coast Region as possible areas to hold events. Preparation and execution will take some time as we need to give these regions time to recover. One initiative the Club is considering is to arrange a collective event that involves all members of RV Clubs of Australia – these include National Association of Caravan Clubs (NACC), Australia Caravan Club (ACC), Australian RV & Touring Club (ATRVC) and CMCA. Having members from all organisations will have a significant impact on the regions where these events are held.

We will endeavour to keep members informed on any developments.

Safe travelling


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