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We have received positive feedback regarding the latest offer from Freedom Fuels, a chain of service stations with participating sites generally across Queensland. While we acknowledge that the number of participating outlets is not significant, it is a start and we will continue to build on numbers and look at other providers to at least match the deal. We have been negotiating with some major players (who have an extensive number of outlets across the country); however, they are reluctant to add more to what they already offer through supermarket and other retail outlets. We are seeking a significant point of difference, something Freedom Fuels currently offers - as they do not require you to purchase something prior to receiving the discount. To access this offer, simply apply for the CMCA Club Discount Card via Freedom Fuels at This card costs nothing to obtain; simply complete the registration online. To access the exclusive CMCA code required for registration, members will need to visit the secure Freedom Fuels webpage on the CMCA website at Please be assured that we will continue to approach major operators to secure a similar deal for our members.

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