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The production of The Wanderer continues to improve, and we are publishing a number of interesting articles and reviews on RVs, the lifestyle and travel. However, we want to continue encouraging members to share their stories and adventures with us. In each edition of The Wanderer, we publish letters to the editor. This gives members the opportunity to tell us what’s on their mind within this sector of growth. Recently, we have received several well written letters (these will be published in the March edition) supporting the board’s view and actions that were published in January’s edition in relation to the document produced by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA). CMCA has been heavily criticised in this document that advises caravan park operators to oppose any low cost or free camping options, if located near them. Please be assured that we will continue to campaign strongly for low cost camping, giving members the opportunity to experience freedom of choice when it comes to RV travel and accommodation. However, this does not necessarily mean a free alternative.

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