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Development of GeoWiki X is still underway, and we are looking to release the new enhanced platform to members very soon. We will initially release the new website platform, then a few weeks later we will release the app version. This development is a huge enhancement to the previous platform, and features a new mapping system, an increase in places and services with approximately 200,000 points of interest available, new search features and an easier to use interface for both mobile and web. Members will now have access to more categories, facilities, and interests, and this platform will feature a detailed search facility, stronger trip planning, expenditure tracking, turn by turn navigation and vector detailed maps, just to name a few. Our recent members survey results have clearly indicated the importance of GeoWiki and how it is becoming one of the most valued member benefits the Club offers. The board committed to enhancing this product, and once the development is completed, it will become a greater benefit to members.

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