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It has been brought to my attention that some members continue to post comments that are not appropriate for this platform and have involved bullying, harassing and intimidating content as well as foul language. It's disappointing that this message needs to be repeated; however, CMCA does not tolerate bullying of any kind.

CMCA Members Connect was established to provide members with a safe and inviting online environment, where they can stay informed about Club and industry related matters and offer or seek advice on RV related topics.

As many are aware, the Club has developed a set of guidelines that outline what behaviour is expected of members and what behaviour will not be permitted. By joining CMCA Members Connect, members agree to adhere to this set of guidelines.

I encourage all members to take a moment and reread the guidelines below to familiarise themselves with the standard of behaviour that is expected on this platform and the consequences of not adhering to these guidelines. CMCA Members Connect Guidelines are also available on the Club’s website under Club Policies.


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