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CMCA Statement – Coronavirus/COVID-19                             

23 March 2020

The board and management wish to further inform members of the effects that COVID-19 is having on our Club and its members. Again, the health and well-being of members, volunteers and staff of CMCA is paramount and remains our first priority. 

As members have witnessed, this situation is volatile – and things will continue to change day by day.  We will respond to each release of further advice from Governments and health authorities once officially announced.  We must be measured in our approach to ensure the best actions are taken. 

Whilst State and Federal Governments are working together, under our federalism system of Government, states can and will make individual decisions to suit their own situation and circumstances on certain matters. This is something we need to work with – even if that does make things more difficult for us as a Club and you as individuals. This is not new; it is no different to the states all having different road laws for example.

We ask all members to remain calm and abide by all guidelines that have been established regarding border restrictions, self- isolation, social-distancing and when and how to seek medical advice/treatment – for more information please refer to

As a result of increasing state border and other travel restrictions, the following safaris have had to be postponed – Uluru and Beyond, Outback to Ocean and Kimberleys & Beyond. All members currently booked on safaris should have received an email direct from Xpedition Tagalong Tours explaining further.

As of today, we will be closing all CMCA RV Parks until further notice, to protect the health of our custodians, your fellow members.  This move will also assist in getting them back home as expeditiously as possible. Those currently staying in the parks will receive further advice. 

All members should now adhere to the Government advice to restrict all non-essential travel – essential travel, at this point in time, being attending work or where necessary on compassionate grounds. If you are currently travelling for any other reason, we ask that you return home as soon as practicable, where possible – or seek a location where you can park up for a reasonable period of time.  

We do understand some members do not have a permanent home – other than their one on wheels. It is now time for you to also find a location where you can park up for a reasonable period of time – family and friends are most likely to be able to assist. We did read and discuss the requests regarding CMCA RV Parks on social media yesterday but unfortunately their use for extended stays is not possible in the current climate.

Whilst we have written to Governments today seeking further advice specific to RV users – please understand that they have many priorities – all of which need to be met. It may be awhile before we hear back.  We will relay information as soon as we receive it.

In relation to Facebook and social media – we would like to keep these open for members as much as possible, but please ensure that you adhere to the Conditions of Use.  It is not helpful to raise items of speculation.

We will continue to keep you informed as much as possible, so please keep an eye out for further social media, website or electronic communication posts. 

Thank you for your cooperation and thank you also for your continued support of the Club.  It is not an easy time, but together we can pull through it.

Kim Atkinson     Richard Barwick 

Chairman           CEO

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