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Our latest RV Friendly Town is Bencubbin, WA!

Bencubbin is a small friendly country town located in the heart of Australia’s outback. The town is located approximately 275 kilometres north-east of Perth and has an approximate population of 294 people. Rich in agricultural lands and stunning natural landscapes, Bencubbin is a great place to unwind and reconnect with nature.

RV travellers will find Bencubbin to be an inviting town, with several facilities on offer. Short and long-term parking is available at Bencubbin Caravan Park. The length of stay can is negotiable, and the park offers facilities such as bins, toilets and barbecues. Unpowered sites are available at a rate of $11 per vehicle per night and powered sites are available at a rate of $26 per vehicle per night. Visitors can also access showers for a $5.50 fee. Both a dump point and potable water are accessible at the park.

Whilst in town, visitors should take some time to visit the Bencubbin Museum. The museum’s main attraction is a piece of the Bencubbin Meteorite. Several important meteorites were recovered in Western Australia during a 48-year period between 1912 and 1960. The most important was Bencubbin, which has been proven to be a rarity and have significant scientific importance.

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