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I would like to take this opportunity to remind members of a few basic rules that everyone agrees to adhere to when signing up to use this platform. There has been much debate about members mentioning or promoting competitor products on this platform. One of the main reasons we prohibit this, is that we have a major supporter who contributes a significant amount of financial support to the Club (you can see the level of support in our annual financial report). I am here to protect that income stream, and this is something I make no apology for. We also do not permit members to air their grievances via this platform. This is due to unverified or fictional information that is often presented in complaints. Full information of issues is not shared, and this has the potential to lead to litigious action. Any member who has concerns regarding their insurance with Ken Tame and Associates is to contact myself directly, and I will investigate the matter on your behalf. Issues will not be resolved by resorting to social media.

Another Member Benefit we protect is GeoWiki X, particularly when references to a similar product are mentioned. The alternative is a retail product, while GeoWiki X is designed for our members. Non-members do not have access to this product as it comes as part of your membership, and we would prefer constructive feedback on it rather than comparisons to other products.

If you have a constructive feedback on any of the products we offer, I encourage you to contact myself via email at I review all feedback and will endeavour to make changes if required.  

Our moderation team do a wonderful job to ensure everyone abides by the rules of the platform. If you have not read them, I encourage you to do so here:

Safe travelling,


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