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The staging of the Club’s 20th AGM was a success. We had 265 members attend the meeting, which was well above the required quorum as per our constitution. We also live streamed the AGM for the first time; however, the uptake of this broadcast was quite small, which was a little disappointing.  We expected more members to watch the stream as many could not attend due to travel restrictions/border closures. In saying that, the live stream went to plan without a hitch, which was pleasing. I would like to thank those members who took the time to physically attend the AGM or view it online. Director Gary Rebgetz also attended his last AGM in an official capacity. Gary has done an enormous amount of work for CMCA over many years and recently told me that “CMCA has given me more than what I have given to CMCA”, which is a very humble thing to say.

The last few days in Bundaberg have seen a hive of activity with over 120 people staying on-site across the week, and this was supported by the Mayor of Bundaberg who visited the precinct during the week to welcome everyone. I would like to thank Elaine Bowles and The Kingfishers (chapter) for coordinating the activities. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all volunteers including directors Kim Atkinson and Eleanor Scully who assisted with vehicle siting, the coordination of the AGM and acted in an official capacity across the five days. It would be remiss of me not to mention Paul Scully who undertook the role as hygiene officer (this was a requirement as per the COVIDSafe plan submitted to council prior to the event). We had one staff member who also attended and assisted at the AGM - Rebecca Lee (our Brisbane based IT Officer) worked with the team to ensure the live broadcast was a success.

Our statutory responsibilities have been met for 2020; thank you everyone for your cooperation and support.

Stay safe


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