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During these unprecedented times, the behaviour I have witnessed from some is absolutely bewildering. The emotion and aggression is simply not needed. If there was ever a reason to work together and cooperate with the Government and advice that has been given, now is the time - we are all in this together. It is particularly tough for small businesses. I encourage all to support these small businesses in any way possible, as without them many of our communities will not be able to operate. 

As a result of the Government’s advice, I have instigated a plan to protect the staff as much as possible. Therefore, from Monday, several of CMCA’s staff members will be working remotely. In saying that, the system that is in place will still be able to provide members with professional service via phone and email as normal. We will also be closing the gates at NHQ from Monday- restricting access to non-essential visitors. We are trying to avoid person to person contact in the office. Our business hours will also change and will be 9am-4pm start Monday. While our office will not be accessible, members can contact staff during these hours via phone and email.  

We hope this virus runs its course and a little normality can come back as soon as possible. Please view the two CMCA statements released this week that outline the current position of the Club. We have cancelled upcoming events including all chapter and SIG meetings for at least the next three months.  We are doing this for the protection of members and others. 

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