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We'd like to advise members that CMCA RV Park Euston will incur a $3 administration fee, per person per night, as of 1 October 2017.

Bookings can be made in the Member Portal, and we encourage members to do so prior to arrival.

Additionally, the administration fee for CMCA RV Park Ingham is also $3 per person per night, however similar to that of a toll system, payments are to be made in $15 increments. This system ensures we are able to keep the administration fee as low as possible. Any funds not used will remain in your account for future use, or you are able to have the remaining funds refunded.

CMCA RV Park Railton is due to be reopened early November, and like Euston and Ingham, a $3 per person per night administration fee will be applicable. Please keep in mind that CMCA RV Park Ingham does have a seasonal closure and will be governed by the weather, with members duly advised.

We encourage as many members as possible to use CMCA RV Parks, however please remember vehicles must be self-contained, as per the CMCA Self Contained Vehicle Policy.

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