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We continue to seek out partnerships with companies that can offer members discounts and offers off products and services, ultimately adding to the value of a CMCA membership. Fuel is one of the big expenditure items for members when out on the road, and we have been working hard for many years to try and secure some fuel discounts with recognised suppliers. It is difficult to deal with large multinationals, and the fuel distributor scene continues to change in Australia with new companies competing with the larger distributors. Despite this, CMCA is proud to announce that both Tasco Petroleum and Freedom Fuels have jumped on board and joined our fantastic Member Advantages program.

Tasco Petroleum

Tasco Petroleum operates 17 Caltex fuel depots and over 40 Caltex Service Stations across southern NSW, SA and VIC.

Tasco Petroleum has partnered with CMCA to offer members:

  • A TASCOplus Caltex Star Card (maximum of 2 allowed per account)
  • Receive a 3.3c/litre discount off the bowser price off all fuel grades except LPG at any Tasco owned Caltex branded service station
  • Receive a 2.2c/litre discount off the bowser price off all fuel grades except LPG at any other Caltex branded service station or Tasco Petroleum supplied site throughout Australia

To access this discount, CMCA financial members need to apply for a TASCO Petroleum Account, which comes with a $40 yearly administration fee from TASCO. With this account, members then receive a maximum of two (2) TASCOPlus branded Caltex Star Cards. Presentation and use of the card at any participating Tasco or Caltex fuel station will entitle members to the advertised discount. Tasco will then provide you with a monthly statement via email only, that must be cleared by the 21st day of each month. Payment will be processed via direct debit from your nominated bank account. It’s important to note that this discount cannot be used with any other offers in store.


Freedom Fuels operates 45 service stations across southern QLD from Tweed Heads to Brisbane. CMCA has partnered with Freedom Fuels to offer members the following member advantages upon presentation of your current CMCA member card:

  • Receive a 4.0 c/litre off all fuel grades including LPG, with a maximum of 120 litres per day

Whilst travelling through South-east Queensland, be sure to look out for the Freedom Fuels service stations.

CMCA works tirelessly to add more value to memberships and we want to ensure members can access these discounts and offers with ease. We’re currently in the process of adding the locations of Tasco Petroleum and Freedom Fuels as services on GeoWiki. We understand that having their locations readily identifiable will be beneficial to our members.

We’re pleased to be able to provide members with these two exciting Member Advantages. We encourage members to utilise these offers, as supporting these partners will strengthen our case for further companies to become involved.  

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