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The Western Australia Local Government Convention concluded today, with promising results for our Club. CMCA RV Park development has been slow in WA, as there are several prohibitive factors affecting progress. For example, WA camping laws are regulated by the Nature Based Tourism Strategy. This strategy has several impediments, and until certain areas are amended, we will find it difficult to further RV park development in the state. Last year, CMCA provided information to the Western Australian Government, in the review of Tourism. To date, the results of this review have not been released. We need to understand that each state has differing legislation, which is frustrating to say the least.

This coming Monday, an important forum will be held in Brisbane. CMCA will be presenting a clear case identifying the need for change in Queensland. This RV Road Tourism Forum has attracted interest from state and local government officials, agencies, industry bodies and individuals who would all like to see change, so that development can occur without the restriction of red tape and unworkable policies. In the next week or so, I will advise the membership of the outcomes from the forum and the steps required moving forward to move forward.

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